Impact Sourcing Africa is a purpose-led, full-service outsourcing company specialising in BPO services. We specifically focus on impact sourcing in order to offer companies that partner with us the opportunity to build more inclusive global supply chains through their BPO requirements.

Impact Sourcing Africa was intentionally designed for measurable job creation through skills development.

Our business started with Impact Sourcing as its key strategy.

Our goal was, and still is, to measurably move previously disadvantaged individuals and people with disabilities out of poverty by creating secure productive employment in the BPO sector.

Providing maximum positive impact while ensuring we have the resources needed to scale and meet our client’s needs, we are growing into a BPO powerhouse that’s providing opportunities to those who need it the most.

How can I get involved?

“South Africa is the largest business process outsourcing (BPO) market in Africa and a vast majority of the entry level agents are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Impact Sourcing is a global opportunity, which could completely transform the outsourcing sector.”

The Rockefeller Foundation

Impact Sourcing is a business practice where a company prioritises suppliers that intentionally hire and provide career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects for formal employment.

Image source: Global Impact Sourcing Coalition

For the international BPO market in particular, securing South African talent can be key to competing effectively by delivering cost-effective comparable or better customer experiences.

From one seat to more than 500, through Impact Sourcing Africa, international companies have immediate access to the end-to-end BPO solutions in our custom fitted contact centre including:

Increasing your business efficiency as we ensure that your Impact Sourcing Africa agents are working on tasks that are appropriate for their level and experience.

– Excellent cost efficiencies
– Increased business processing speed
– Improved client retention
– Opportunities to explore cross-selling and up-selling
– Building your market visibility through Impact Sourcing
– Reduced cost and risk compared to hiring additional full-time employees

Image source: Global Impact Sourcing Coalition



Giving underprivileged individuals valuable work opportunities.

Providing a solid start for young people – specially those with disabilities – where they can build their careers and the confidence to navigate through their lives effectively.

Positive impact on the community: previously disadvantaged youth are equipped with critical skills, empowering them to help improve the lives of the families they support and the communities in which they live.

Increasing youth employment: Impact Sourcing Africa aims to contribute to the economy of South Africa by ensuring our workforce has the necessary skills to be employable, flexible and adaptable.

South Africa needs a new story: new faces and new career pathways for our youth. Impact Sourcing Africa is creating that pathway.

There are over 20 million young people in South Africa. That’s a generation full of untapped potential. Where others see hopelessness, we see hope. Where others see disability, we see ability.

20 million

Young People

3.3 million

Unemployed Youth

Through our deep ties to local communities, we actively seek out the individuals who struggle to access the labour market. With the right leadership, training and investment, this large, eager pool of South African talent has the potential to succeed in BPO – working as contact centre agents serving both international and local customers.

Are you a purpose-led, values-based business looking for an opportunity to make an impact on the world? Contact us to discuss your requirements. We can’t wait to partner with you.

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